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Fundraising Doesn't Have to Be So Hard

Fundraising Doesn't Have to Be So Hard

Any of these statements sound like you?

  • I don't have time to plan and run a fundraiser.
  • I should keep doing what we've been doing - because we earn a lot of money.
  • We do walk-a-thons now, which is cool, but we're just asking parents for money.
  • I'd love to do a fundraiser that is healthy, that offers products we really need.
  • It's so time-consuming coordinating volunteers for delivery.

If so, then good, because we've done our absolute best to create a new sort of fundraiser that helps address many of these problems. 

Learn about how Good Grains provides your group with a simple-to-run fundraiser, that's healthy, and that continues to give back to your group year-round.

Flip through our new Good Grains for Groups Guide

We're here to help! So, reach out anytime, or sign up via one of our local distributors or online. We want you to feel great about offering a healthy fundraiser - cereals that families can continue to enjoy all year long!
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Not ready to change your existing fundraiser? No worries! You can run Good Grains in addition to anything else you're already doing. Why? Because parents are buying cereal anyway. With Good Grains, you're making their lives easier, by offering a healthy option shipped directly to their door, that continues to support your group!

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