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The Longest Fundraising Payouts Around

The Longest Fundraising Payouts Around

Most Fundraisers are built around the idea of selling a product that earns your group 40% on average. Some even go as high as 60% or more.

Sounds good, right?
Well, as we all know, nothing in life is free. We don't mind those fundraisers, in fact, we're fans of chocolate and cakes too. But, we only buy those occasionally and we only spend the extra because it's for a fundraiser.

So, how can they do that?
In order for fundraising companies to pay you 40 to 60%, they must charge a premium for products that are available to consumers for much less. Thus, their focus is on a one-time purchase to support the group.

Hanging with me? Good. Then, let's proceed...
We built Good Grains around three principles:

  • Offering Healthy and wholesome products
  • Providing a Simple to run fundraiser
  • Making it more Rewarding

So, we had to change the fundraising 'game'
As we got started in the fundraising industry, we were told that groups won't do our fundraiser because they don't earn 40% upfront. But, what they didn't understand was that we offer the longest payouts around - with the ability to earn your group much more than 40% and with much less effort!

How's that work exactly?
Your group earns $1/box, which is $5 per order, on our Fundraiser Events. Our Order Form offers six different packages, which each contain 5 boxes of cereal. You set your goal for participation and for the average number of orders. See the chart below to estimate your initial earnings. Then, consider that we promote reorders for you and you'll continue to earn for life on all reorders. 

Good Grains Earnings Chart

Give me an example, please...

  • Let's say Lincoln Elementary has 1,000 students.
  • At the industry average, we know around 33% will participate.
  • Thus, let's go with 300 participating students from the chart above.
  • They set their goal at an average of 5 orders per participant.
  • So, they earn $7,500 upfront as soon as their Fundraiser Event ends.
  • We promote reorders. They remind families. At 8% reorders, they earn an additional $6,600 for the remainder of that first year.
  • Now, they've earned $14,100. But, it doesn't stop there. They continue to earn on all reorders for life.

How does this compare to box tops?
Box tops are a no brainer for the person clipping them, but they're a ton of work for the volunteers managing them and submitting them. You earn .10 cents per top. Thus, in our example above, where $7,500 is earned upfront through Good Grains, you'd earn just $750 with box tops for the same number of boxes of cereal. With Good Grains, you earn Ten Times box tops and it's much less work. Plus, you continue to earn without any additional work.

Wondering..."Can I run Good Grains in addition to my normal fundraisers?"
Yes, you certainly can. It's so easy to run, you'll want to include Good Grains as part of your annual fundraising plan. Think of it as a hybrid between a one-time fundraiser and annual fundraisers (like collecting box tops). We're more of a 'drip' fundraiser where you earn a big chunk upfront and then continue to earn monthly on reorders.

Sum it up for me, please...
I'm not a math genius, but I'm pretty certain ongoing earnings for life, with no extra work, adds up to much more than 40%!

Our friendly folks at Good Grains or one of our awesome local distributors would be happy to talk about your specific needs.

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