Welcome to the family, Sure Start!

December 18, 2017

Welcome to the family, Sure Start!

This week at Good Grains, we are very excited to start offering Sure Start cereal. Why? Sure Start aligns with our core mission of delivering health and happiness to our communities and beyond. It's a nutritional powerhouse in a box.

Sure Start features more protein, more fiber, and less sugar, when compared to high-glycemic cereals. It's uniquely formulated to help stabilize blood sugar levels and help support healthy weight management. And it tastes good!

Sure Start is a great way for anyone to start the day. It's specially designed to assist those with diabetes, too. On an individual basis, we recommend discussing Sure Start with your doctor or nutritionist to gauge its effect on your diet.

For reference, here's a look at Sure Start in comparison to other cereals on the market that are recommended as 'good for a diabetic diet and/or weight management'.

We hope you'll try Sure Start to see if you like it. At Good Grains HQ, it's already become one of our favorite cereals (especially Maple Pecan). It gets the day going right. Whatever your goals, a great start is the first step.