Not Fundraising

February 17, 2017

Not Fundraising

Most fundraisers are built around the idea of selling a product that earns your group 40% on average. Some even go as high as 60% or more.

Sounds good, right?
Well, as we all know, nothing in life is free. We don't mind those fundraisers, in fact, we're fans of chocolate and cakes too. But, we only buy those occasionally and we only spend the extra because it's for a fundraiser.

So, how can they do that?
In order for fundraising companies to pay you 40 to 60%, they must charge a premium for products that are available to consumers for much much less. Thus, their focus is on a one-time purchase to support the group.

Hanging with me? Good. Then, let's proceed...
We built Fund Flakes around three principles:

  • Offering Healthy and wholesome products
  • Providing a Simple way to raise funds
  • Making it more Rewarding for your group

So, we had to change the 'fundraising' game
As we got started, we were told that groups won't like our program because they don't earn 40% upfront. But, what they didn't understand was that we offer the longest payouts around, with the ability to earn your group much more than 40%, and with much less effort.

How's that work exactly?
Via our Fund Flakes program, your group earns $1/item on every order for life. Simply share your custom order link or send out your group code — it's that easy, as we track for you. 

    How does Fund Flakes compare to box tops?
    Box tops are a no brainer for the person clipping them, but they're a lot of work for the volunteers managing them and submitting them. Don't get us wrong, keep doing box tops as you earn .10 cents per top. But, start Fund Flakes too as you'll earn ten times box tops and it's much less work. Plus, you continue to earn on all reorders for life.

    Wondering..."Can I do Fund Flakes in addition to my normal fundraisers?"
    Yes, you certainly can and should. We're a 'drip' fundraiser where you earn on all initial orders and reorders every month.

    Sum it up for me, please...
    Ongoing earnings for life, with no extra work makes both sense and cents, scratch that, dolllars, many of them.

    Sign up your group today for Fund Flakes.