Good Grains - The Fantastic 4-Pack


Four bags of the best breakfast stuff on the planet. Try it today and fix your mornings for a month.

  • Mighty Munch (non-GMO)
  • Organic Cocoa Num Nums
  • Organic Fifty-Fifty Oatmeal
  • Tropical 'Ono Granola

Each item in the Fantastic 4-Pack has different ingredients. Check out their product pages for the full breakdown.


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Elaine McCoy

Great low carb cereal

I eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast, but was tempted to try the Num Nums today. This was like eating Cocoa Puffs with out the guilt. I might have to change up my routine and eat Num Nums every other day!


Great value!

First off, I was surprised that these are full packages of each cereal! Such a great value. It's so fun to try each flavor. I consider myself a cereal/granola connoisseur--I always have 3 or 4 different kinds of cereal and granola in my pantry. The Mighty Munch, granola, and Cocoa Num Nums are perfect on their own or for sprinkling on smoothie bowls or overnight oats. I've been using the Fifty-Fifty Oatmeal in my smoothies and overnight oats too. I love that nothing is overly sweet, and they all pack a good amount of nutrients. All around a great pack!


Your Very Own At-Home Cereal Bar!

This variety pack is a fun way to buy cereal. My kids enjoyed having a "cereal bar" every morning. Cocoa Num Nums crushed the others in popularity--the kids were even eating them as an afternoon snack. Tropical 'Ono Granola was a close second. I am an oatmeal junky, and I think the 50/50 organic rolled oats/thick-cut oats is an inspired idea! Mighty Munch is reminiscent of cinnamon rice cakes. If you are a puffed rice fan, you will love it. I appreciate that it is non-GMO!

Rocio Hernandez

Perfect combination

I like to eat healthy so I always try to take care of myself and include cereals in my daily life, these four help me maintain that balance throughout the day, in the morning I like to eat cereal with honey, between meals yogurt with granola It has delicious pieces of dried fruit alternating at night with chocolate cereal or oatmeal, I really love how I can combine them, their flavors are delicious and they are good source of protein and fiber, they are what I need in my pantry


Great Variety pack - some too high in sugar though

I think kids are always prone to loving cereal so I'm always looking for some healthy options. This variety pack is a great start! Here's my breakdown: 1) 50-50 Oatmeal. Nothing added, basically a typical oatmeal with a bit more texture which I'm a huge fan of. Quick to make in the microwave with some frozen berries. Yum! 2) Cocoa Num Nums. Delicious, but comes at a cost. Each serving has 1 g fiber and 12 g sugar. For me that's much too high to serve my kids. I look for cereals with 4g+ fiber and >8g sugar. There are many others on this site that taste amazing and meet these requirements for me. 3) Ono granola. Similar to my feedback above. 4g fiber and 17g sugar per serving so the sugar is too high. BUT that's super typical for granola and some of the sugar comes from fruits. The second ingredient after oats is cane sugar though so the sugar content is mainly coming from that. 4) Mighty Munch. My fave of the bunch. Yummy as a cereal or as a topping on yogurt. The nutrition facts meet my requirements for serving to the kids (8g fiber and 6g sugar). It's also a good source of protein. I'll likely buy these again! Overall it was nice to try them all so the next time I order I know which one I want more of.

Good Grains

Thanks for trying Susannah and for the feedback - totally get that! As a dad, those are my sentiments. We eat Num Nums as a treat and we use the Ono as a topping or small snack. Mighty Munch is my fave and I love the oatmeal too. We appreciate you trying and sharing your thoughts :)

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