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Hi [Group Name] Supporters,
I’m writing to share our exciting new Fund Flakes program with you. 
If you eat cereal, then you should try Good Grains! Order via our page or use our group code and we’ll earn a dollar for life on every item purchased.
Why Good Grains?
  • They ship directly to you - order one time or join the Cereal Club
  • They keep your shelves stocked with great cereals
  • Their cereals have nothing artificial (and Gluten Free options)
Order from our page:[YOUR_GROUP_NAME_HERE]
or, use our group code: [YOUR_GROUP_CODE]
Spoons Up!
[Group Coordinator]

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Option 1 
Boy have I got a deal for you... you get to eat some awesome cereal that's shipped directly to you while helping me raise funds for [Group Name]. We both win! We earn one dollar on every item you enjoy. Visit[GROUPNAME] to order today.
Option 2  
Cupboards looking a little bare? It's time you gave Good Grains a try - they ship directly to you and give $1 to support [GROUP NAME] on every item you buy. It's simple. Visit[GROUPNAME] to order now.
Option 3 
Make life a little simpler and yummier! Save a trip to the store and keep your shelves stocked with Good Grains cereal. Order at[GROUPNAME] and [GROUP NAME] will earn a dollar on every item for life. Now that's a triple-win!

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Good Grains Fund Flakes Cereal Program
Good Grains Fund Flakes Cereal Program
Good Grains Fund Flakes Cereal Program
Good Grains Fund Flakes Cereal Program

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