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Granola — 7 Grain


Granola — 7 Grain
Granola — 7 Grain Granola — 7 Grain Granola — 7 Grain


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7 Grain Granola
22 oz — Wholesome granola, good source of fiber - also great as a snack or topping.

  • 33g of Whole Grains
  • 6g of Protein
  • 22 oz Big Box
  • Serving Size: (55g) 3/4 cup
  • 220 Calories
  • $1 given to a group of your choice

Not 1 grain, not 2, not even 5, but 7 incredible grains make this one awesome granola! Most boxes or bags of granola you'll find in the store are weak, only giving you enough for a few bowls. We give you a big 22oz box of our favorite granola, whereas the rest charge the same for about half as much. And, you have to drive to the store, get out of your car, shop, checkout, and go home for the others. We deliver right to your door. Boom, take that small boxes of chincy granola!

*Fruit not included, but you can certainly add your own ;)