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Almond Granola - Good Grains
Almond Granola - Good Grains Granola — Almond Granola — Almond


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Almond Granola
22 oz — You’ll love our awesome granola with almonds. Plenty to enjoy.

  • 36g of Whole Grains
  • 7g of Protein
  • 22 oz Big Box
  • Serving Size: (55g) 3/4 cup
  • 220 Calories
  • $1 given to a group of your choice

Our almond granola is simply delicious. Made by the magical granola makers of Organic Milling in our neighboring town of San Dimas, we think Bill and Ted ate a bowl of our almond granola before taking their Excellent Adventure. If it's good enough for time travel, it's certainly good to fuel your daily adventures.

*Fruit not included, but you can certainly add your own ;)