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Hi Lo Maple Pecan


Hi-Lo Maple Pecan - Good Grains
Hi-Lo Maple Pecan - Good Grains Hi Lo Maple Pecan


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Hi Lo Maple Pecan
12 oz — Crunchy flakes and pecan pieces for a tasty way to start a healthier day. Good for a diabetic diet and supports weight management (consult your doctor). High protein & fiber. Low fat and low sugar.

  • 18g of Protein
  • <2g of Sugar
  • Serving Size: (45g) 3/4 cup
  • 135 Calories
  • $1 given to a group of your choice

*Blueberries not included, but you can find them at your local Trader Joe's, farmer's market or grocer. Did you know that organic blueberries have been shown to have higher levels of antioxidants? What about that blueberries are low in terms of their GI (glycemic index). Thus, Hi Lo Maple Pecan + Blueberries could be a great breakfast option for those with Diabetes - just be sure to consult your doctor first :)

Ingredients: Soy grits, wheat gluten, soy protein isolate, corn bran, rice flour, corn meal, polydextrose, corn starch, maltodextrin (complex carbohydrate), natural flavor, canola oil, pecans, salt, caramel color, vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) as Natural Antioxidants, sucralose (SPLENDA Brand Non-Nutritive Sweetener), Rosemary Extract